Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Defeat the Winter Doldrums!

Remember the Fall into Autumn dishcloth swap I did? Well it is now time for the Defeat the Winter Doldrums swap! Registration starts on January 11th.

These are the swap requirements:
  • You must have a blog.
  • You must post regularly - no less than once weekly.
  • You can't have flaked or been AWOL in previous swaps from that group, in the Tea Swap, or in KVVS
  • Package Requirements:
    • $20US Minimum Spend Requirement
    • Knit or Crochet Dishcloth(s)
    • Yarn for your pal - at least enough for a small project (100g or more recommended)
    • Some sort of yummy soap - there are links to some handmades in the sidebar (of the dishcloth swap blog), and any kind that's not your average Dial or Lever 2000 is welcome!
    • Any other treats that you think will brighten your pal's winter - Edible treats or notions for Knit or Crochet are great things to include.
And you can go here for more information and to sign up starting January 11th.

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