Monday, January 7, 2008

More finished Christmas gifts!

I made a bunch of tiny socks, here's one that showcases my sock monkey tag that I'm putting on them.
To make the tags, I bought a sock monkey head rubber stamp and stamped it on Shrinky Dink (the official website is down) with brown ink (you have to use a permanent ink pad not just any kind), then I used colored pencils to do the lips in red and the eyes in black. Don't forget to punch the hole before you shrink them! A regular size hole punch comes out to a nice small hole when it is shrunk. Then I put on a jump ring and stuck it to the tiny sock!

Yet another pair of fetching... these were for my mother-in-law. This is Rowan Summer Tweed, the same as the pink one I showed earlier. This yarn works great for this pattern, but be careful! Now that I've made two of the same pair, I want to warn that you can get two from one skein but it is close. Really really close, I had a few yards left at the end of the second one. So don't let any yarn go to waste with extra long tails or anything, just in case!

I have one more Christmas present to post but that has to wait! On my needles right now: the second pink Fetching for me.


LissaDora said...

Ooh, I was wondering about Summer Tweed + cables after seeing it in No Sheep for You. I've been contemplating Fetching since before I knew how to knit (a whole year ago); is it hard?

(I found you via the dishcloth swap; hi!)

alissa said...

I really like the Summer Tweed with the cables... I think they show up better in person than they do in that photo of the brown one. Fetching is not hard! I was shocked how easy cables are. The first time it is awkward adding yet another needle to your hand (the cable needle) but it is really easy-peasy.

LissaDora said...

Excellent! So now all I need to learn is how to knit in the round! Sock-knitting class, here I come!


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