Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Projects in action!

I bring to you: two of last year's projects, this time on my nephew Zach.

He's wearing the Placket-Neck Pullover and the Rainbow Marley hat.

Cute, eh?

Bad Cupcake Baker...

no biscuit! I came up with two cupcakes for the IronCupcake challenge and... missed the submission deadline. Sigh. So, on to next month. I'll post the berry cupcakes eventually though.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bunny Nuggets

Bunny Nugget Faces, originally uploaded by Alissao.

Here are a few of the Bunny Nuggets I made for Easter presents. These two went to my newest nephew and his older brother.

And here are their little bunny butts. Thanks to my friend Amy for the heads up on this cute pattern!


I gave away too much of my knitting this year! I can only think of one thing to enter in the fair this year. Maybe I'll finish something before the submission deadline. But since I'm working on all epic projects right now, probably not.

Also, 'knitted handkerchief' is one of the categories. Do people knit handkerchiefs??? ew.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Red Army

100_6620, originally uploaded by Alissao.

I'm not really a modern art fan, but this was one of the pieces I did like at Kentuck Knob. The Red Army by Ray Smith is made up of hundreds and hundreds of silhouettes of people all lined up in a field, their arms raised in celebration? or terror?

A Trio of Phone Booths

100_6629, originally uploaded by Alissao.

Kentuck Knob is currently owned by Lord Palumbo of the British House of Lords. He has added bits of Britain to the property, as well as a modern art sculpture garden throughout the meadows of the property.

He has a British phone booth near the visitor center, but then on the sculpture walk you suddenly come upon these three booths perched in a field. I loved it, as well as the thought of not one but three people walking through a meadow and suddenly needing to make a call at the same time! :-)

Kentuck Knob two...

100_6580, originally uploaded by Alissao.

A view of the side of the house off into the trees. Look at the moulding and carvings under the eaves, it goes all around the house along with the beautiful carvings over the windows.

Kentuck Knob was completed in 1956 when Frank Lloyd Wright was 86, it was one of his last completed homes.

Kentuck Knob

100_6605, originally uploaded by Alissao.

From Fallingwater, we went to another nearby Frank Lloyd Wright house - Kentuck Knob. This photo shows the back of the house, as it goes into the side of the landscape, and a little terrace water garden.

One more from Fallingwater...

100_6544, originally uploaded by Alissao.

Along the lines of the house being part of its surroundings again - that curve in the beam? Just to save that tree and make it part of the house.

Fallingwater - from the front walk

100_6547, originally uploaded by Alissao.

Here's another view of Fallingwater... that staircase going down into the water actually goes all the way up into the living room! It has this whole cantilever design thing going on, where it seems not to even be supported. As he frequently did, he wanted the house to be part of the surroundings. "Frank Lloyd Wright told them that he wanted them to live with the waterfalls, to make them part of their everyday life, and not just to look at them now and then."


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