Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oops, and, IronCupcake!

Wow, no May posts at all? Oops. It was a very busy month and nothing made it from the pre-writing stage to the published stage, I guess. I solemnly swear to do better! (as soon as I'm done cleaning house for my upcoming house guest) Also, I am joining a cupcake competition! I don't have high hopes given the caliber of the competition (um, Bakerella won the first month), but I think it will be fun to have the monthly challenge of coming up with a flavor to fit their ingredient or topic. So coming soon, more cupcakes! and also a bunch of knitting, and some travel pics. I told you I've been busy.

updated to add: A note on how the challenge works - it's part "popularity" and part random chance, each vote for your cupcake earns you a spot in the drawing and then a random number is chosen to decide the winner!


Kyle and Amy said...

COOL! can we vote??

alissa said...

Yes, when I have entered something I'll post a link to the voting!


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