Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas knitting update

Here's what's left on my christmas gift knitting list. I don't see it happening but we are taking a long car trip in two weeks so if I get to ride a bunch of the way I can get a lot done then. So maybe.

to be completed:
2 skully dishcloths
1 cat dishcloth
2 pairs of Fetching
5 various Nascar related dishcloths
1.25 socks (the remainder of a pair)
1 pair toddler socks
up to 10 mini socks, a minimum of 4
3 or more scrubby washcloths
2 plainer dishcloths (on needles)
DW dishcloth (on needles)
1.5 pairs Dashing (3 gloves)

A few of the things I need 10 days before Christmas so I really need to prioritize and work on those first.

Go ahead and laugh at me. How's your holiday knitting going?

I'm back!

Sorry for the hiatus, I have been getting ready for the new job, starting the new job, smushing my car and needing to buy a new one, and getting a new cat. sheesh. But I have also been knitting! I have an hour lunch and usually stay in so I have at least a half hour of dedicated knitting and podcast time each day, which is lovely.

I have one Dashing off the needles and the second one just started. These are a Christmas present, hopefully for my brother but I'm a little nervous... he's a rather no-frills kind of guy and I'm a little afraid he won't wear them. For some reason the pattern gave me a little trouble on the first one so I have a bit of time invested and don't want them to just sit in his drawer. I'd rather have somebody wear them than I mind having my feelings hurt so I'm considering asking him honestly when I give them to him if he'll wear them and telling him I"ll make him something else if he wouldn't. Unless I can come up with a more espionage way of figuring it out...
Modeled by Trevor who wants his one snazzy pair at some point - his comment? "They're gauntlets!!" in a positive way. ;-)

I have one Fetching for me done, I cheated and snuck it in among the Christmas knitting. Why I'm not sure since they don't do me any good until the second one is done. ;-) These are made from Rowan Summer Tweed which is gooooorrrrgeous. You may remember it as a gifty from my Fall dishcloth swap from Jenna. It is 70% silk and 30% cotton and wonderfully soft and squishy. Neither silk or cotton has much give so it is a little hard on the hands to knit with (especially the cables) but the result is very nice so it is worth it. This one is on the wrong hand (the cables twist the wrong way) because I can't take a picture with my left hand and the husband was sleeping. :-) This yarn looks so nice worked up that I ordered some in another color for a gift Fetching (No, I'm still not done with these things) and a Dashing.

And then in progress I have three dishcloths: a Grandma, a Feather & Fan, and a DW, I'll save the photos until they are done. Dishcloths are boring enough without seeing half finished ones. (Well, I don't find them boring but many people do - did you know there's a whole dishcloth hating group on Ravelry? Where's the love people - can't we all just knit different things and get along?)

Coming soon: an update on the completely unrealistic Christmas knitting list and a foody post of Halloween & Thanksgiving goodies (I know, very late)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I can't think

of a clever title using the word dishcloth. So here you go, the petal* dishcloths I mentioned the other day, plus a "grandma's favorite"* type (this pattern is all over the place, this is just one version)... Next on the needles is a Feather & Fan dishcloth. I can't wait until Ravelry is open so I can just link to patterns there!

Sugar'n Cream Hot Pink

Sugar'n Cream Stripes Natural

Sugar'n Cream Stripes Lime

* Dishcloth Boutique seems to be gone, at least at the moment so the links goes to cached pages

Update: According to a post I found on a Dishcloth Boutique Message Board the website is permanently gone do to an illness in the host's family. So if you have any favorites from them and can still find cached versions print them now!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A few miscellaneous good things

  1. More on The Loopy Ewe - I'm set up with them as referring friends so if you don't have an account with them yet and decide you want to order - click through my link on the side! If you do, I get a $5 credit. :-) (shameless request for free stuff now over
  2. I am on a dishcloth craze! (which is good considering the number I need done for Christmas) I became obsessed with the petal dishcloth Jenna sent me so I had to tackle that pattern. I made two so far this week and also have a "grandma's favorite" on the needles right now (the striping cotton!) Photos coming soon, I'm not on my own computer at the moment.
  3. I have a new job! Only 4 years after Grad School I have a full time job. ;-) And it is even the kind of job I have been wanting. I start November 12th. :-D Unfortunately this working full time thing is coming at the wrong time considering my holiday knitting list to finish. ;-) Hopefully it isn't too cold in there since I won't be able to make my own fetching or dashing until the holiday knitting is done.
  4. I've also been working on the Tiger Lily socks. I love this color!

that's it for now!

p.s. I have a shiny green new ipod nano - does anybody have one and can suggest a case or cover that you like? I'm not sure what kind of thing I want for this one. It is so tiny and delicate seeming compared to my old ipod.

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