Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas knitting update

Here's what's left on my christmas gift knitting list. I don't see it happening but we are taking a long car trip in two weeks so if I get to ride a bunch of the way I can get a lot done then. So maybe.

to be completed:
2 skully dishcloths
1 cat dishcloth
2 pairs of Fetching
5 various Nascar related dishcloths
1.25 socks (the remainder of a pair)
1 pair toddler socks
up to 10 mini socks, a minimum of 4
3 or more scrubby washcloths
2 plainer dishcloths (on needles)
DW dishcloth (on needles)
1.5 pairs Dashing (3 gloves)

A few of the things I need 10 days before Christmas so I really need to prioritize and work on those first.

Go ahead and laugh at me. How's your holiday knitting going?

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