Friday, June 29, 2007

Sock Report!

Both socks from my first pair are done up to the toe! Tomorrow is my last sock class when we will be learning the toe and misc. other things to do to them like weaving ends. Then we'll be covering other sock info she wants to share with us.

In other sock related news: Yesterday I went to a yarn store I hadn't been to yet - the Spinning Room which was really nice! I got two balls of Cascade Fixation in a color I hadn't been able to find yet (9891), a pair of dpns in a size I needed, and two balls of Panda Cotton - a bamboo blend (in baby blues). (Photo to come!) Plus, they are starting a sock club "Sock it to me" that I signed up for! It sounds like fun and the best part is that it is free with the purchase of sock yarn (which you'd need anyway). Here's the description from the class listing:
Sock It To ME! Sneaker socks, loud socks, wild socks, classy socks. Socks on double-points, socks on 2 circulars... We'll meet every Monday night during the month of July to work on a choice of several socks with different designs...not just your average sock! We'll share tricks that work, as well as what doesn't, and motivate each other to complete TWO socks... that's right, a pair of socks! The pulse of this congenial group will be discussion of favorite books or movies. So bring a pad and pencil, your yarn and needles and let's get knitting socks! Suggested patterns are available and we'll entertain patterns from the group...Members should have made at least one item that looks vaguely like a sock in their recent lifetime....We plan on scheduling this club into August as well. Monday nights in July, 7 pm - 8:30 pm
It starts Monday so I'll have a sock filled weekend!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Socks Part 1

Here I am finally remembering to upload the beginning of my sock. Just in time for class #2 tomorrow. ;-) I actually have two socks at the same point because with two weeks between classes and 16 hours in the car last week I had plenty of time to do both legs.

Yes, the tops are quite different on the two socks, thanks for noticing. Apparently Cascade Fixation cannot be trusted. I couldn't tell for sure how their colors worked, but since the first sock (on the right) came out pretty much stripey (o.k., sometimes diagonal stripes) I thought the other one might too. I even started them both with the same color in case that mattered. Nope. The sock on the left has a giant splotch of color (blue and yellow on this side of the sock and red and orange on the other side) then moves into the stripes. Eh, I don't care, it's not like it's real striping yarn or anything.
update: I just found out this colorway is called "koi". Yeah, I guess it is all the colors of different colored koi all in one sock...

Spiffy purse

This is the felted crochet purse I made my mom for her birthday. At first I wasn't sure about it because it turned out pretty round... then my sister said "it needs a snap." By jove, she was right. Two giant snaps later and the round purse was more of an oval clutch purse kind of shape. Then I decorated it with funky buttons. It is crocheted with two strands of Knit Picks Decadence held together - Chocolate and... shoot. I forget what the dark blue is called. Not tide, that's the lighter blue. They don't have the dark blue right now so I can't look it up. Anyway, dark blue Decadence. The pattern was me messing around with a felted hat pattern and a felted bowl pattern and kind of combining them and adding straps. Unfortunately I didn't exactly write down what I did so I'm not sure if the one I'm working on now will turn out the same or not.

edited to fix an annoying spelling error

Monday, June 4, 2007

No Sheep for You Squeee!

I just got my June package of yarn from my No Sheep for You Secret Swap partner! As you will see below, I got two skeins of gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill North Country Cotton in Gypsy Rose.

It is destined to be one or two pairs of socks! Depending on if I decide to use the fancy pattern I got with it "Butterfly Wings" or go for shorter socks for this. My partner also sent me the pretty stitch markers you see in the photo with the yarn. Thanks so much secret swapper!

Speaking of socks... my sock class is going well! Well, o.k., I had to stay late on Saturday to start over because I'd messed something up. But I've got the hang of it now! Of course, this is just the easy part (the leg) and the next class will tackle the heel. There will probably be a photo of my progress later today or tomorrow as I am almost done with the first leg. (I got two sets of needles so I could start both the socks since the next class doesn't meet for two weeks.)

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