Monday, June 4, 2007

No Sheep for You Squeee!

I just got my June package of yarn from my No Sheep for You Secret Swap partner! As you will see below, I got two skeins of gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill North Country Cotton in Gypsy Rose.

It is destined to be one or two pairs of socks! Depending on if I decide to use the fancy pattern I got with it "Butterfly Wings" or go for shorter socks for this. My partner also sent me the pretty stitch markers you see in the photo with the yarn. Thanks so much secret swapper!

Speaking of socks... my sock class is going well! Well, o.k., I had to stay late on Saturday to start over because I'd messed something up. But I've got the hang of it now! Of course, this is just the easy part (the leg) and the next class will tackle the heel. There will probably be a photo of my progress later today or tomorrow as I am almost done with the first leg. (I got two sets of needles so I could start both the socks since the next class doesn't meet for two weeks.)

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anotheryarn said...

You'll do great. Just remember what Katie says, "take it one stitch at a time" (well she says something like that). I don't think the sock heel made sense to me the first couple times I did it but they came out just fine.


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