Friday, June 15, 2007

Socks Part 1

Here I am finally remembering to upload the beginning of my sock. Just in time for class #2 tomorrow. ;-) I actually have two socks at the same point because with two weeks between classes and 16 hours in the car last week I had plenty of time to do both legs.

Yes, the tops are quite different on the two socks, thanks for noticing. Apparently Cascade Fixation cannot be trusted. I couldn't tell for sure how their colors worked, but since the first sock (on the right) came out pretty much stripey (o.k., sometimes diagonal stripes) I thought the other one might too. I even started them both with the same color in case that mattered. Nope. The sock on the left has a giant splotch of color (blue and yellow on this side of the sock and red and orange on the other side) then moves into the stripes. Eh, I don't care, it's not like it's real striping yarn or anything.
update: I just found out this colorway is called "koi". Yeah, I guess it is all the colors of different colored koi all in one sock...

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