Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Knitting update

Not too much to report, more socks of course. I've also started another little project but it is a secret for now. I finished the first Springtime sock, a Christmas present,
This is the same pattern as my first socks in Koi, except I did the ribbing all the way down the leg. Other than that I've done a little bit on the second George sock as it was the only thing I had cast on and I needed something for my purse for waiting around knitting. I'm also just about to cast on the second purple shortie.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Lots of socks that need mates...

Sniff, poor solitary socks. I am jumping around a bit but for good reasons!

First, a Broadripple in Cascade Fixation Coral #4545
I am absolutely thrilled with this sock! I love the pattern and it was my first kitchener toe! But, I am also v. v. sad because I made a mistake in the pattern in the middle of the foot. So sad that I messed it up. But not sad enough to rip out a sock, good lord no. I will just try to ignore it. Here's a close up of the toe area to show off the ripple pattern

Also, a note about this color. They call it coral but it isn't by any means my idea of coral, more of a salmon. This one is solitary until I can get to the LYS because one of my #3s is missing, and if you don't split the leg over 4 needles then the pattern will be off. sigh. I blame Cal, we already know he likes crochet.

Then, a "Shorty" (link is a pdf, it is the 3rd pattern of the file) for my MIL for Christmas, I think.

It is solitary for the same reason I only *think* it is for her - Trevor is supposed to confirm her shoe size with his Dad but keeps forgetting. I'm not making the second one until I know for sure I have a giftee (it is too small for me).

And, one that is just started since I couldn't work on either of the above (yes, I could have worked on George, shush.) - this one will be a christmas gift for somebody not to be named. I am using the same pattern I used for my Koi socks.

Trevor: 1; Cal: 0

So I mentioned a present that my husband made me... First, an example of the problem. This is my knitting basket for WIPs, sock yarn, and needles. This is Cal. He really likes to sit among the yarn. He doesn't attack it, he just likes to be one with it (can you blame him?). Unfortunately being one with the yarn has a tendency to get it furry or messed up so I'm not a fan of this zen practice of his.
Fast forward to me saying "I need to buy a basket with a cover!" for the third time, and you get to Trevor making me a surprise present.
A cover for the knitting basket!

Made out of scrap paneling we tore down, then covered with leftover curtain fabric and a handle added! (actually a spare handle from my MILs 1960s kitchen, which I'm... um, not that big of a fan of but the handle works with the Morris fabric, don't you think?)
My knitting basket has been cat free since he made it!
Oops, ignore the fact the flowers are upside down in the photo I didn't notice at first the fabric was directional. Good thing there's no right or wrong way to put it on the basket!


I'm in! I'm yarnlibrarian there too if anybody wants to friend me if you are a member...

Monday, August 6, 2007

Yay, swap yarn!

I have a lot of things to catch up on (FOs, WIPs, and nifty husband made presents!) but for now, let me just post a big thank you to my No Sheep for You Swapper who sent me a great package for July. Thanks, Sam! Sam went above and beyond the call of duty by hand dyeing me something for the swap! And she also sent me two balls of Cascade Fixation (my sock favorite) in a color I didn't have yet - Tiger Lily #9349. Now some photos of the yarny goodness, then a question!
The colors are not right, I couldn't get them no matter how many pictures I tried. The Fixation is much redder than this picture. It is like a salmony pink with dark red throughout. And the lovely hand dyed - oh it is raw silk, I forgot to say that part earlier! - is... just more gorgeous and vibrant than the picture shows. pinks, corals, and "natural" off white. Really really pretty.
Also here's the silk all balled up. I think the colors might show a little better here. I really need a swift! I keep saying that but not getting one... (are you listening people who buy me Christmas gifts?) I totally lurve it. I've never worked with silk before. It is soft and yummy.

Now the question: What should I make with it? Suggestions are welcomed! The details: It is somewhere around 750-800 yards of raw silk in a "sport fingering" (think heavy fingering). I'm thinking it would look lovely in a simple lace pattern so I thought this might be good for my first lace project, if anybody has a suggestion of a pattern that this weight/amount might work for... then I can start swatching!

Coming soon: socks, broken needles, and... oh right, the surprise yarn related present Trevor made me!

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