Monday, August 13, 2007

Lots of socks that need mates...

Sniff, poor solitary socks. I am jumping around a bit but for good reasons!

First, a Broadripple in Cascade Fixation Coral #4545
I am absolutely thrilled with this sock! I love the pattern and it was my first kitchener toe! But, I am also v. v. sad because I made a mistake in the pattern in the middle of the foot. So sad that I messed it up. But not sad enough to rip out a sock, good lord no. I will just try to ignore it. Here's a close up of the toe area to show off the ripple pattern

Also, a note about this color. They call it coral but it isn't by any means my idea of coral, more of a salmon. This one is solitary until I can get to the LYS because one of my #3s is missing, and if you don't split the leg over 4 needles then the pattern will be off. sigh. I blame Cal, we already know he likes crochet.

Then, a "Shorty" (link is a pdf, it is the 3rd pattern of the file) for my MIL for Christmas, I think.

It is solitary for the same reason I only *think* it is for her - Trevor is supposed to confirm her shoe size with his Dad but keeps forgetting. I'm not making the second one until I know for sure I have a giftee (it is too small for me).

And, one that is just started since I couldn't work on either of the above (yes, I could have worked on George, shush.) - this one will be a christmas gift for somebody not to be named. I am using the same pattern I used for my Koi socks.

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