Monday, August 13, 2007

Trevor: 1; Cal: 0

So I mentioned a present that my husband made me... First, an example of the problem. This is my knitting basket for WIPs, sock yarn, and needles. This is Cal. He really likes to sit among the yarn. He doesn't attack it, he just likes to be one with it (can you blame him?). Unfortunately being one with the yarn has a tendency to get it furry or messed up so I'm not a fan of this zen practice of his.
Fast forward to me saying "I need to buy a basket with a cover!" for the third time, and you get to Trevor making me a surprise present.
A cover for the knitting basket!

Made out of scrap paneling we tore down, then covered with leftover curtain fabric and a handle added! (actually a spare handle from my MILs 1960s kitchen, which I'm... um, not that big of a fan of but the handle works with the Morris fabric, don't you think?)
My knitting basket has been cat free since he made it!
Oops, ignore the fact the flowers are upside down in the photo I didn't notice at first the fabric was directional. Good thing there's no right or wrong way to put it on the basket!


alh said...

Poor Cal . . . :o)

Trevor said...

AAGH! I love my wife's blog!Actually, I love the post about when I outsmarted our cat! Boo-YAH! =D


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