Monday, January 14, 2008

More crafty presents

I got a few more crafty Christmas presents! I got this lovely knitting bag, the Total Tote. It is also available from JoAnn Fabric online, but not in the stores. But please read the listing at KnitPicks as they have wonderful advice about removing a divider that has the worst velcro ever on it. Seriously, did someone who knows yarn even participate in designing this? Velcro with yarn? um, no. But once that is removed, it is a great project bag.

The main compartment opens up from both sides, this side has two little cubbies where I currently have my little notebook and a packet of tissues. As you can see the main compartment holds quite a lot. In this photo it has my headband on a circ needle and the three small balls of yarn that go with it, and my log cabin square on 9" straights with the small ball of yarn that goes with it and there is a bit of room to spare.
This one is the main compartment opened from the other end. It shows the little side cubbies where I have scissors etc. And the other end where there is a clear zippered pouch (needle card, stitch markers, etc.) that also snaps out of the bag so you can carry it around.

And here, we have the smaller zippered section on the outside. At the top we have a row of elastic strips holding options tips, cable needles and a lemonade packet. :-P And on the other side is a mesh zippered pouch holding a beeswax hand thingy, nail file, etc.

This one isn't knitting but it is crafty. I got a Stupid Sock Creatures book and kit!

It has a big softcover book detailing all of the instructions to make multiple different styles of stupid sock creatures, and everything you need to make a couple sock creatures of your own! Socks, buttons, ribbon, needles, thread, stuffing... it actually comes with everything you need! I am a bit daunted by the thing (steps include cutting the sock, sewing the sock up into a body, stuffing it, adding appendages that you sew from more sock pieces, and decorating with the buttons etc.) but I'm sure it will be fun when I find the time to get into it.
I also got a few more Harmony options needle tips but they haven't arrived yet.

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What great presents!


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