Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2008 Knitting Goals

I don't like resolutions, I never make new year's resolutions. But I did decide to write down a few knitting goals for 2008. Because the year will go so fast and I want to get a few things done that I've meaning to do. So here they are:

2008 Knitting Goals (in no particular order)

1. Make one tiny sock per week to have a stockpile for Christmas and to have a tiny sock tree for myself (I've already blown this one since I haven't made one yet this year. But hopefully I'll make a bunch at least)

2. Learn Fair Isle - well, I'm part way there since I didn't get this posted until after I took the class. But since I haven't gone that far yet, I don't consider it "learned" yet.

3. Make at least 6 pairs of socks, at least 1/2 of those for me (I have completed 5 1/2 pairs of adult socks so far in my knitting career and only 1 of those is mine)

4. Make at least one baby sweater - this was going to be making one to have on hand for any future babies in the family but we just found out we have one niece or nephew on the way so now I'm hoping to get two done. I already have yarn for a couple Baby Surprise Jackets ordered.

5. Catch up on all IOU gifts from last year - with my mom's socks done, this leaves the Dashing for Trevor from our anniversary and the George socks for Trevor that I started way back when and haven't finished

6. Make myself a bag - I have everything for a booga bag and that is the next thing to go on the needles after the gifts are done.

7. Make myself a shawl - I have one cast on with the silk I got in a swap but it is just a little baby right now

8. Organize my needles and update the list of what I have - done! I did this last weekend

9. Finish organizing my craft room after it was torn apart for misc. work upstairs

10. Knit a Sunggles cat blanket and donate it to the shelter we got Cal and Butternut from

There, those are my goals. Will I get them all done? No, I don't think so. But at least I have them in my head to work toward. What about you, any knitting goals or resolutions for the new year?


Jane Doe Jenn said...

Hi there! This is Jenn visiting from the Defeat the Winter Doldrums Swap.

I checked out the booga bag link in your post - I would love to make one of those bags!

Love that cute sock blocker you showed in the photo.

alissa said...

Thanks! The sock blocker is from the Loopy Ewe. A friend has made a bunch of booga bags so I know from seeing them that the pattern works out great!


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