Monday, January 7, 2008

New year, new skills!

I am signed up for a bunch of knitting classes at a bunch of different yarn stores over the next two months! Let's see, this Sunday I'll be taking Two Hand Two Color Knitting (only $15) at Saratoga Needle Arts "Learn Fair Isle knitting..or how to knit with both hands when doing color work. We will make a great headband." I haven't seen the headband yet, the example wasn't at the shop but it has snowflakes on it they said. These are the colors I'm doing my first one in - the dark pink for the background and the white and light pink for the design.

I also got these colors to make another one (well, it is the same ball of white since it only takes a little)
And here's my homework that I needed to do for the first class - it doesn't look like much so far. ;-)

Then on February 17th I'll be taking another one at SNA: BLOCKING, ETC. (also $15) "You’ve finished your knitting - now what? We will make our own blocking boards and discuss finishing garments for a neat, professional look. We will also talk about caring for your beautiful hand knits." This was the first knitting related class that I had to shop at Lowes for! ;-) I had to buy a 6 pack of foam insulation panels at Lowes, and 6 yards of gingham fabric with 1 inch squares at JoAnn fabric.

On to the next store, on February 9th I'll be taking an Entrelac class at Beau Knits. This will be the first time I go to the store so I'll have to check it out at the same time. This one is only an hour class so I'm not sure what exactly we will accomplish, maybe just the technique for no particular project? The description just says it will cover the basics and to bring worsted yarn and #8 needles. It's only $10 though so whatever I learn about it will be worth it.

And then, I might be taking one more but I'm not sure until I confirm that they have room in the class (they are closed today) - Log Cabin Design Pillow on January 19th (also $15) at The Spinning Room. "A great call for the beginner to advance their skills while starting a quick project that can be used to make a blanket, if so desired. Choice of color motif can change the outcome dramatically. This project can also be made of wool, then felted for a whole different look and texture. The pillow can be made as large or small as you like. You'll leave this class knowing how to continue on your own to completion." I love the Log Cabin designs (especially in the Mason Dixon book!) but it looks... complicated. I feel a bit stymied by the picking up stitches thing. I mean, I know how to pick up stitches (socks, baby!) but this is different. So I thought instead of trying it on my own and maybe being confused, I'd try out a class (assuming I get in).

There you go, 3 or maybe 4 classes in the next six weeks!


Macoco said...

All of those classes sound really interesting. I can't wait to see how your headbands turn out.

M said...

Ohh the classes sound great (and at some good prices too). I taught myself basic entrelac with a book this fall and it really is easy... see if you can find a yarn with long color repeats for the neat changing colors effect (sadly the only ones I know of are made primarily of wool). However short color changes, like standard variegated yarn will look kind of crappy (at least mine did).

yarnlibrarian said...

thanks, 'm's ;-) I'm going to try some of the Classic Elite Inca Print that I have since it happens to be worsted and multicolored... I haven't checked out the color repeats yet so hopefully it will work well.

Dorothy said...

I can't wait to hear more about the blocking class! I've been trying to figure out how to make my own blocking board!

alissa said...

I will be sure to report back on the blocking class, Dorothy!


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