Friday, January 18, 2008

Sock Candy!

I finally managed to get my hands on some BMFA (Blue Moon Fiber Arts - the makers of Socks That Rock) Sock Candy! I have been wanting to try it but it is hard to get (not on the BMFA website, only as part of a kit, etc.) but when I decided to make a Baby Surprise Jacket and saw that BMFA had started kits for the sweater using Sock Candy I thought it was the perfect opportunity. One kit is enough yarn for one Baby Surprise Jacket plus some other accessories or two Baby Surprise Jackets if you reverse the striping. I want two sweaters in different colors so I ordered two kits and then I'm going to use the remainders of all the colors to make either a pair of socks for me and a few pairs of baby socks to match the sweaters, or maybe two pairs for me, we'll see.

So, this is what you get in a kit. Four 200 yd skeins of Sock Candy each in a different color

This is kit number one and the colors are Denim, Sunlight, Copper, Madder
You also get a card showing the finished sweater colors and some information. The other side of the card suggests a needle size and tells you what rows to do in each color to get the striping the same as the example. Note that the kit does not include the BSJ pattern - that has to be purchased separately and can be found here among other places.

And this is the other kit I got, number 3 colors Poppy, Granny Apple, Coral, and Chocolate (brown not black like it might appear)

The yarn feels really soft but that's all I have to say about it so far since I haven't even wound a ball up yet. It's bad but the real reason I want to hurry up and make one of these sweaters is so I have leftovers for socks. ;-) But this is a bit down on the priority list...

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