Monday, January 14, 2008

Log Cabin time!

I did get registered for the Log Cabin Pillow class this upcoming Saturday! Yay! You have the option of starting a pillow or a blanket and I said I'm doing a pillow because a blanket just seems so daunting. But I really like the blankets so maybe I'll just keep going and make it big enough to be a blanket, we'll see!

I got the same yarn for the log cabin as I am using for the headband - Plymouth Jeannee (cotton/acrylic blend). Here are all the colors I got:
red, brown, grey, orange, blue, and yellow

It is really quite nice. The bit I have done so far for my homework feels so soft and great for a blanket (see, there I go again. Maybe it will be a blanket. A small blanket.). Here is my homework square:

I am in love with the way this yarn feels worked up in a loose garter stitch. I hope it is supposed to be as loose as mine is... but the sheet called for a worsted yarn and a 9 needle and that's what I have... (no gauge to check)

I am tearing myself apart trying to decide if I am doing the right size for my homework square. See, the homework sheet (I don't have the full pattern yet) says "for the blanket, cast on 42 stitches and knit 36 garter stitch ridges. For the pillow, cast on 30 stitches and knit 28 garter stitch rows." See the problem? Does she really mean rows for the pillow or does she mean ridges?* Why would it refer to the pillow and the blanket with different terms? Finally I said to myself (and the cat, but he didn't respond), "Shut up, it's a log cabin! It doesn't matter what size square you start with." So I am doing it as if it is supposed to be ridges. If she really wanted rows than I'll either start with a bigger square or rip it back.

* For the non-knitters saying what the hell is the difference: a ridge is actually two rows, so 28 garter stitch ridges is twice as big as 28 garter stitch rows. For those of you saying why is a non-knitter reading this, I say, "Hi, Mom!"

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Laura said...

Just wanted to say - "Hi, back at cha" ...and prove that I do indeed read your blog. Your headband is looking good (and just want to let you know that my Finnish one is getting thread-bare). hint, hint
Also, the bag you won is very cool!
Congrats. love, Mom


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