Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rhinebeck part 1 - goodies

Sorry, for the delay in my Rhinebeck report - I've had a mega busy week. Let's see... where to start. How about with what I brought home. I didn't buy very much, I had a particular list of projects I was interested in and I would only buy yarn if it was for one of those projects. I couldn't find anything that fit those projects so I only bought one kind of yarn (plus some non-yarn purchases) which is actually for a new project, not one off my list. oops. Anyway, here's what I got:These are leather purse straps - you really can't see how beautiful they are, but they are lovely. The double set is black (20" for $15) and the single is brown (17" "wine tote" handle for $5). The double set came with linen thread and matching buttons that you use to sew them onto a felted purse. (The thinner strap just comes with the thread, no buttons) The black set is for the Booga Bag I plan on making myself once I'm done with my Christmas knitting; the brown one is for a smaller prettier purse that I have in mind (it might incorporate a fun yarn I just got from a friend, I'll share it soon). These came from Homestead Heirlooms, "Genuine Leather Handles, Leaves & Tie-Ons"and you can also buy through their website.

This uninteresting looking thing is a piece of llama felt. My mom does needle felting where you stick bits of roving onto a piece of felt to make pictures and things, that's a bad description, but whatever. I had wanted to do something like that but needed some felt that I could use. I have bunches of alpaca roving leftover from making my crazy lady and now I have a sheet of felt to do something with it all. I got this for only $3 from the Northern Vermont Llama Co.

And, finally, the yarn.
This is Rayon Silk from Shel B. Yarn and it is so soft and squishy wonderful. Each skein is 4 ounces and I got 3 pink and 3 green and white ($30). They had (machine knit) "blankets" made of squares of all the colors to show off the yarn and how it would work up. They just looked so nice that way that I decided to use it to make a small blanket/throw or wrap.

Those were all my purchases! Oh, we also bought a tub of garlic goat cheese spread from a Pocono cheese company. It was expensive but is very yummy. That brings me to the other type of goodies - the food. We sampled lots of cheeses but that one was the only one we loved enough to buy. We made it to the French's artichoke cart I had heard so much about on Ravelry. yum! Most of the day (Saturday) the line was so long that there was no way we were going to do it, so we got other stuff for lunch. I had the deep fried pickles at Spacey Tracy's and some french fries. We were really looking forward to the deep fried pickles because we loved the ones we had at Quaker Steak & Lube. These were good, but the Lube ones were even better. I also tried some of the deep fried garlic cloves at the pickle cart. They were good, but would be better in pasta or something - too much for me to just eat them (they didn't seem deep fried since they weren't battered or anything). Then at around 4:00 we managed to find the artichoke cart with a very short line so we all got those. I got the French artichoke (battered artichoke with butter garlic sauce) with the beans & greens on top. The artichoke was awesome but I was iffy on the beans & greens so next time I'll just get the artichoke. They have a couple of different kinds, one is like a pizza on a flatbread, and one is deep fried like a blooming onion. I want to try both of those too, actually. On Sunday I picked up a sandwich at Bread Alone (very good, highly recommend the sandwiches and also the yogurt fruit & granola cup I had for breakfast) and brought that in my cooler to have for lunch, and we got these oozing chocolate lava cake kind of things.

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