Saturday, April 28, 2007

Needle Felting 101? 201?

My mom and sister and I went to a needle felting class that was supposedly beginner - my mom was the only one who had needle felted before. We knew we were making little things with faces but figured they were simple faces. Yeeeaaah. When the teacher started talking about eye lids, upper lips, nostrils, etc. we were a little concerned about the "beginner" level. It was pretty involved and kinda tricky.

I was also working with a bit of a problem because I had brought my own alpaca fibers to use since I can't use wool. Alpaca felts but differently than wool so I couldn't exactly copy the others.

Here's my little lady. She turned out pretty cute but it was a bit of a trip there. ;-) When I started with the black body and white face it looked Nun like so I was psyched to be making a cute little Nun. Then I added my face. I wasn't so good at the face thing and it originally had nostrils. My sister decided it looked like a gorilla and ordered I add a banana. I wasn't really going for the gorilla thing so I took out the nostrils and added the hair. That helped, but now she (according to my sister) looked like a crazy bag lady. So I added a little scottish beanie kind of hat. I thought that helped take away the crazy bag lady look (although of course, a crazy bag lady could wear a hat). Whatta ya think?

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DJ said...

Oh boy, good times, good times....I still think you should've embraced the gorilla thing.


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