Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm all signed up for the sock knitting class! Three Saturday mornings in June I'll be taking a sock knitting class at my LYS. I can't wait - I really want to knit socks. Of course I still need to learn more about knitting than casting on before then, but it is open to all levels and I have plenty of time to go to some of their beginner knit classes before then.

They were also having a sale the weekend I signed up so I got my supplies and extra yarn for future socks. They only have one non-wool sock yarn there so it is all the same kind - Cascade Fixation. It comes in cute funky colors. See?

Excuse the glare - I'm paranoid I won't be good at socks and will want to exchange it for something else. ;-)
This one shows the one I opened up for the class - the brightest colors.

The colors don't have names, just numbers. This one is 9877, the peach is 4545, and the pink/green/white is 9970.
So stay tuned for sock knitting news in June!

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