Monday, October 1, 2007

Craftiness and a friendly swap

In June I went to visit my friend Amy and she let me pick out some fabric from her stash and said she'd make me a needle roll with it. She sent me the wonderful finished products a little while ago and I have been a little late in getting photos. In exchange I made her a few crafty things and sent them back to her! First, the lovely needle rolls (I actually got two different sizes!) both rolled up and in action. I especially love the pink and green retro cocktail fabric. :-)

the red one holds my straight needles and the black one is holding my circular needles and my long dpns

These are what I made her - a Skully Dishcloth, a tiny sock on a string, an emergency dropped stitch fixer, and some shrinky dink sock monkeys. Here's a close-up of the smaller items with a bit more information.

Excuse the sock monkey glare. The sock monkeys are very teeny tiny thanks to the wonder of shrinky-dink (I loved this stuff as a kid!). I used a rubber stamp (you need to use permanent ink not the plainest cheapest kind) - I stamped the monkey on with brown ink then colored the eyes and lips with colored pencils then presto changeo it is shrink time! A few are on jump rings to be stitch markers or charms, a few are earrings, and one is on a hook as a knitting bag decoration or something. :-) I am making bunches of the tiny sock monkeys as part of my Christmas gifts - the tiny shrunken ones will go onto my tiny sock ornaments and the full size stamp will go on the labels on my handmade sock gifts.
Thanks again, Amy!

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