Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rhinebeck and stuff

I'm on my 4th pair of Fetching and I'm starting to get tired of them. ;-) Too bad I still have at least another 2 pair I want to make! (I don't even have any of my own yet) I have unsuccessfully tried to cast on for Dashing twice now. Tried once, needed a smaller needle. Tried again and decided the yarn just wasn't right. So I'm back to the drawing board on that one. Maybe I will find the perfect yarn at....

RHINEBECK!! Woo, day after tomorrow, baby! We will be there Saturday and Sunday and will be camping out Saturday night. Tentative plans for Saturday include eating artichokes, watching sheep dogs, watching bunnies being spun, and vendor browsing. There is a Ravelry party that night but I don't think I'll make it since my long-suffering husband is already putting up with so much this weekend, I don't think I can subject him to that (which also requires a drive to Kingston). There is also a Ravelry/Blogger meetup both days at Noon near the food stands so I might make it to one of them. Maybe, depending on what it takes to keep everyone as happy as possible. On Sunday the agenda includes a visit to the author tent for some book signings, and then after lunch a talk by the Yarn Harlot! I just saw her a few months ago but who can pass up the chance?

So, my next post will be a roundup of all the fun Rhinebeck things we do, and things I buy, and photos of it all. :-D


Macoco said...

I hope you have a great time at Rhinebeck! It sounds like a lot of fun :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there secret pal! Just a suggestion, if you need some variety in your fingerless mitt-knitting, try this one:

I loved this pattern! I found it here:

where there are umpteen other fingerless patterns to choose from!

Have great week. And don't forget to post your topic of the week for another chance to win!

alissa said...

Thanks, Macoco!

secret pal - Thanks for the pattern! I love it. I think I'll make that one for myself when I finish the current pair in progress.


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