Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rhinebeck Part 2 - the animals

We saw dogs doing Frisbee tricks
We saw dogs herding sheep

We saw sheep (of course)
Wait a minute, that's not a real sheep!

This cute guy with the bell is a Navajo-Churro
and this handsome fella is getting auctioned off to a new home.

This guy was really not enjoying his haircut and was really whining about it.
This weird sheep has four horns!

We saw llamas & alpacas
This one had a poodle style haircut! They said it keeps him cool for the summer. ;-)

we saw fluffy furball bunnies
There really is a head in there, it really is a bunny!
my biggest disappointment was that I wanted to see the bunnies being spun off of but didn't. :-(

and, even horses. 1 rider and 2 horses


Gledwood said...

That's really entertaining!

What's that thing with the 4 horns then? An alpaca?


alissa said...

That's a sheep of some sort, I don't remember what kind!


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