Friday, August 1, 2008

Tag, you're it!!

I'm way behind on everything, both in life and in blogging but I wanted to get this one out there:

Sign-up for this year's Dish Rag Tag is today! And I got in!! woo! The thrill of competition... :-) The wonderful Emily at Yarnmiracle started this last year and it was fun just watching so I'm excited to participate this year. Basically, she creates teams and each team starts with a box - ball of dishcloth cotton, a small goodie, the pattern, and a completed dishcloth. You log in to the super agent dishrag software and strategically determine which team member to send to next in order to attempt to be the first team to get the box back to Emily. When you get the box you keep the completed dishcloth and the treat, use the cotton to make a new dishcloth, and put in a new ball of cotton and treat along with the completed dishcloth. Then it goes on to the next team member. A few things are different this year, such as there is an official pattern that must be used instead of using your choice to make it more even among competitors. Emily keeps track of finishing places and there are prizes.

If anyone wants to try and get in, this is the sign-up page, and this has more info. I'll be putting the button up on the sidebar at some point or other.

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