Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Tale of Two Butterkitties


is Butterkitty, you may remember her and her balloon. We named her Butternut but our niece, Lily, dubbed her Butterkitty and it stuck pretty hard.

Butterkitty is very nice and let's Lily haul her around by her armpits, basically.

Butterkitty has a new friend

but not for long as come Christmas this Butterkitty will be going to live with Lily!

Notice a resemblance?

The two Butterkitties like a lot of the same things... this Butterkitty likes food
and sitting in the double-decker kitty house.
And, she has a tail! That might seem obvious but the pattern didn't call for a tail! Of course, if this is to be an authentic Butterkitty it needs a tail.
And so ends the tale of two Butterkitties. :-P


DJ said...

AJ!!!!I'm totally freaking out!!!!That is sooooooo cute!!! I want a knitted animal!!!

Cynthia said...

This is possibly the cutest blog post ever!


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