Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Batter Blaster!!!!

Last week we were grocery shopping and saw this intriguing thing near the eggs

Batter Blaster!!!!!1!!!! Pancakes! Organic, even. That's right, they now have pancakes in a can. The same kind of can as the miraculous squirt whip. They were a bit pricey ($5) but we've already made pancakes for the two of us 3 times and it isn't empty yet. And whoa, the convenience factor (not to mention the coolness) - we really wished we had seen this a week earlier for the tent camping trip. Totally worth $5 to avoid mixing etc. while camping. We are planning on getting it again for our cabin trip in September but that has a real kitchen and everything so it isn't really necessary...

Handy diagrams

Pancake squirting action shot

They're good but they do taste a little different than my usual pancakes... lighter? fluffier? Like there's a lot of air in them, which I guess there is.

Speaking of breakfast breads, here's a gratuitous shot of the yummy french toast Trevor made with my homemade potato bread. It made really good french toast!


Emily said...

That is crazy! What they can't do these days.

Kyle and Amy said...

That is awesome I've got to get some of that. I love pancakes but find them quite a pain to make i can't wait to try these.

JMJ said...

whaaa? Pancakes in a reddi whip container?? what has the world come to? :)


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