Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Blue Ribbon Day!

I decided to enter a few knitted things in the fair this year! Thanks in part to Jenna's post reminding me that I had thought of it earlier in the year. :-) I dropped my stuff off on Friday then waited until Tuesday for the fair to open so I could go see if I won any ribbons.

My Dutch Bonnet was entered in the Knitted Baby Bonnet category and it got a green ribbon (Honorable Mention)My Cherry Entrelac Scarf was entered in the Miscellaneous Knitted Accessory category and it got a yellow ribbon (Third)
And... my Another Rainbow Marley was entered in the Knitted Hat category and it got a blue ribbon!! Everybody knows what a blue ribbon is, right? ;-) edited to add: for the Canadians - that's a first here!

I'm very happy with that, and it gives me the confidence to try again next year. If I hadn't gotten anything, I probably would have given up. :-P

Here's a wide shot of the Marley hat in the cute baby crib display
and the Cherry scarf in a pink-ish display

I also entered a bread contest, I didn't win anything there but it was still fun so I'll blog that in another post.

p.s. I have been knitting up a storm but it is almost all secret gift knitting for people who will see it here so I have nothing to share!


Laura said...

CONGRATS!! That's great!

Kat with a K said...

Congratulations! I definitely need to enter stuff in the fair next year - I thought of it too late this year.

DJ said...

Congrats AJ! I loved that bonnet hat, though. I should have been a blue ribbon too.

Jenna Z said...

Congrats! That's excellent! If you want, I'd love to see your pictures added to the County Fair Revival flickr group:

And did you know that in Canada, a blue ribbon is second and red is first?

alissa said...

Thanks, Jenna - I'd forgotten about the flickr pool! I'll add them tonight. And no, I didn't know that about ribbons in Canada!

JMJ said...

You rock, AJ! I love your knitting and can't wait to receive more! :) (don't forget about that kimono sweater...)


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