Monday, July 21, 2008

Movie Knitting = achieved!

Ever since I learned to knit I have wanted to be able to knit in the dark and knit at the movies like my friends do. Yes, I know some people find this lame, but it was a goal of mine. I really like to be doing something with my hands and never watch tv at home without either a craft or the computer in my hands.

Anyway, I've been gradually getting better and working up to not looking, I've been knitting before the movie and then keeping up until I had to stop for some reason. Friday we went to see The Dark Knight (awesometastic, yes that is to a word. sort of) and I was able to keep knitting all the way through the (2 1/2 hour) movie! Yay for multitasking! Here's the first short version of the Broadripple, that I worked on all through the movie then did the toe the next day at home...

and here it is with the chucks that I had in mind when I saw the yarn, not the same colors at all, but it made me think of them going together...
Pink and green is my favorite color combination (oh but there's pink and brown too...) so these are perfect. I just have to start the other one. But first, I'm starting a sweater.

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DJ said...

Now, now I don't exactly recall saying it was lame. I like to do things while watching tv too, but when I pay 10 bucks to watch a movie I just sit there and watch it. Of course there are some movies that after watching them all you can think about is how you will never get that 90 minutes back (Happy Feet comes to mind)But there's nothing wrong with being productive, especially if some of those socks are for me!


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