Thursday, July 17, 2008

The 3D Journey...

Those Elvis Costello looking glasses? The hip new version of 3D glasses, apparently. This afternoon we went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D. It wasn't a movie we were interested in at all except for the 3D factor. I ♥ 3D movies. The movie was as expected (really not good) but it was awesome in 3D!! Creepy bugs jumping out at you, water splashes (which reminded me of Muppet 3D at Disney - where they really do squirt water at you when there is 3D water!), dinosaurs, falling down cliffs coming out of the screen... In conclusion: movie not recommended unless you can see it in 3D. Oh, there was even a preview in 3D - apparently this year's Thanksgiving Disney movie, Bolt, will be in 3D too.

In an additional review of fun stuff note - we got Guitar Hero Aerosmith today (yay for Bestbuy Rewards certificates!) and it is super cool. (note that I show myself as not cool at all with the use of the phrase "super cool") You can get it in the Guitar Hero pack with a special Aerosmith guitar, but since we already had Guitar Hero 3 we just bought the game itself. Trevor's playing right now and the band looks very good. It has 25 Aerosmith master tracks on it, plus songs by other artists and includes real Aerosmith venues like the high school where they played their first gig. Oh, and live action clips of the band talking about how they started out, and about their songs (man, I love Steven Tyler). Recommended for Aerosmith loving Guitar Hero fans!

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