Saturday, July 12, 2008

I never promised you a rose garden...

but here's one anyway...

sorry, that's all I could think of when I looked at the photos. ;-) A few weeks ago my parents came over for a belated father's day celebration. While my mom was off at a workshop we took my dad to see the beautiful rose garden in the park. We managed to hit it right at prime time this year, as you can see. It had rained about an hour before thus the wonderful raindrop photos. I liked so many of them that I couldn't pick so you get a bunch. enjoy :-) (you can click any of these to see them bigger...)

pondering the pond...

Climbing roses on the arbor

Tea Roses

To the right, sculpture "Variation on The Chinese
Calligraph Yuan (garden)"

edited to add a pun ;-)

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