Sunday, July 6, 2008

BBQ, Cars, and Doves, Oh My!

Friday was an "Aloha" birthday party with

Saturday we went to Saratoga for their July 4th celebration and the All-American BBQ and Dessert Fest. It was really good so hopefully it will become an annual thing. A bunch of downtown restaurants participated, and you could go around and get their contest entry for a buck! Trevor had the BBQ and I had the desserts, I think he got four BBQ and I got three desserts. The best dessert was the coconut cake from Lime Restaurant and Trevor liked the hunk o'BBQ pork from Cantina the best. yuuum! Everything we tried was good though, except for this nasty mojito bread pudding with some kind of unexplainable gelatinous stuff in it. We didn't get any pictures though, they all got eaten too fast!

They also had a classic car show in town that day. There were a lot of really nice cars! I've come to appreciate a nice car from hanging out with my husband but our tastes do differ a bit,

1950something Oldsmobile Holiday
this is the kind of thing I'm drawn to

1987 Chevy Monte Carlo
and this is the kind of thing he's drawn to!

After that we were on to a family graduation party and then we were wonderfully close to...

an old school A&W with real car hop service! woo hoo! They don't wear roller skates though. ;-) We got lucky and a spot right in front opened up as we got there.

Here you see the food tray on the car window!

And, they have deep fried cheese curds!!

Trevor ordered these but the silly man didn't like them so I got to eat them. I kinda thought I didn't like cheese curds but I guess I do. At least when they are deep fried!

Souvenir mug so root beer at home can taste as good. ;-) Actually, I didn't like the root beer at A&W. Unlikely the kind in the can/bottle, at the restaurant it was the "rooty" natural kind of root beer. I don't like that kind. Oh well!

Today we went to Albany to check out this spiffy new bakery I'd heard about - Crisan Bakery & Edible Art Gallery.
This is the bakery part

On top, a Rafael - chocolate cake, coconut cream, and coconut cake, on the bottom, an Amandine - chocolate cake, chocolate butter cream, and fondant (but it seems more like ganache). The Rafael was light, and wonderful. The Amandine tasted like it has some kind of booze in it although it wasn't mentioned and was also very tasty. But the best thing was this:
a dove! It's solid chocolate cake (very brownie or fudge like) with nuts, coconut, and rum raisins covered with coconut fondant! It was as delicious as it is cute. We also got two feta filled puff pastries but those were eaten right away for brunch so they aren't pictured. Oh, the prices are very reasonable - the feta pastries were 60cents each (!), the dove was $2.75, and I think the other desserts were $3.50 each? I'm very sorry that I suggested we split the dove. It was oh so very good.
And this, is the edible art gallery part! The baker is also a sugar artist, who makes sugar jewelry and is an expert on the art and lectures on it as well. This is the piece of hers that was in British Vogue and these are some that are inside the glass tables in the bakery


Anonymous said...

Wow! Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Curds at A & W Restaurants are the BEST!
They actually come from the "Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin". And if you ever went to their store after 11 a.m. you could walk out with a WARM package of cheese curds as they are made FRESH every day! They even sell the breaded cheese curds to fry at your home - just like the ones at A&W! They are made from white cheddar cheese curds. (Did you ever drink a glass of orange milk?) And they use only rBST free milk. They even have a web site for their Ellsworth Cooperative Cheese Curds.
There you can see their store hours and all the many ways to enjoy their cheese curds. YUM!

alissa said...

Ooh, the idea of warm cheese (as in still warm from making I guess since I do like heated up cheese) seems a little gross... but if I ever get to Wisconsin I'll consider it!

DJ said...

Your taste in cars is way better than Trevor's. : )
That A&W place sounds so cool! I'll have to check it out!

Marilyn Rock said...

Such great pictures here. Fun places, great food. Lily is gorgeous there - she's amazing! The A & W place looks terrific; brings me back in time a bit.


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