Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fetching(s) Spree!

I am on a roll with my Christmas gift list thanks to Fetching! I am in the middle of the 3rd of 5 or 6 pairs I will be making. I love this pattern - it was my first cable project and now I am in love with cables. Here are two completed pairs and one in process - after that I have a cream pair (a gift), a pink pair for me, and maybe one more that isn't planned yet. I also have a possible pair (or more) of the male version, Dashing to come.

Aren't they pretty? They are all Knit Picks Shine Worsted - the green is Green Apple, the purple is crocus, and the blue is wave. This yarn works great for these - the gauge is perfect (up one needle size to 7) and the slight shine really shows off the cables. Hopefully I will continue to love the pattern through the rest of the pairs and won't get tired of making them before I'm done. :-)


Cynthia said...

Those look great!!!

I've only made them with the pattern yarn (with wool), but I'm glad to know that other yarns work well. :)

Anonymous said...

Those colors really pop! Just me, your Fall into Autumn pal checking in for the week so you know I'm here, reading along and getting your package ready! Have a great week, don't work too hard!


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