Friday, September 21, 2007

Quick needle complaint

I hate needles that aren't labeled right on the needle! I just realized I did 1 1/2 pairs of Fetching on the "wrong" size DPN as a couple of my larger sizes are plastic and not labeled. I always get the colors mixed up and I thought I was remembering correctly. O.k., actually they are the right needles since I swatched first and got gauge (and they turn out nicely) but they aren't the needles I thought I was using. Sigh. Oh well. Now to figure out what to use for Dashing which calls for the needle size I am using for Fetching...

Please note that I have Knit Picks Options Harmony needles on my Christmas wish even though they aren't labeled just because they are so gorgeous. I will just need to get better at sticking them in the right pocket and checking them with the needle sizer. ;-) You know, assuming I get any.

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Anonymous said...

Your dishcloth secret pal might like to see this Christmas list of yours!


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