Wednesday, September 5, 2007

One FO for now

I have lots of posts in the back of my head but a few include items that are in the mail to a friend so I don't want to post until she gets them in case she sees this... also coming soon a Yarn Harlot-esque sock trip! But for now... the purple shortie socks for my MIL for Christmas:
The pattern said you could get a pair from one ball of Cascade Fixation. I had my doubts and figured there was definitely no way I could make them for big-footed me. But, since I only had one ball of this color and the LYS didn't have any more, I decided to try. I JUST finished them for size 8 feet, we are talking around 20 yards leftover. Actually, I only had maybe 1 yard left over but that's because I had already made one tiny sock before I got the idea to make these. So if you don't make a tiny sock first you'll be in better shape than I was. This is one of those colorways that looks better to me knitted than it did in the ball. I wasn't sure about it in the ball (then why did I buy it? I don't know.) but I think it is really pretty as a sock. I finally figured out the color too (lost the ball band) - it is called Lupins, which I always spell with an e but they don't. Also, Lupin(e) makes me think of Lepus, a jump I'm sure. But who doesn't like a giant rabbit?*

* Anybody who has been attacked by one, I'd think.

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