Sunday, September 9, 2007

Goodies from The Loopy Ewe

If you knit socks you probably know about the great online store The Loopy Ewe. I enjoy their blog and have browsed the store many times looking at the fun accessories etc. I hadn't ordered yet since they didn't have any non-wool yarns (well it is the Loopy *Ewe*) but! Now they have the Sockina Cotton I have been looking all over for! I had a little surprise money come my way last week and I decided to use it to splurge on a ball of Sockina. The cool thing about Sockina is that it is self patterning - it stripes with a geometric kind of pattern thrown in. That is really rare in a no-wool sock yarn. Here it is! This is colorway 05
Another great thing about the Loopy Ewe is their great service and nifty Loopy Groupie freebie program. First, on the service - my order shipped very quickly even though I ordered on a holiday, my order included a note from Sheri thanking me for the order and a little card with two yarn samples on it, and she wraps the yarn up so nicely for shipping! My Sockina looked like a burrito before I ripped into it:
a note: I opened this package on my lunch hour at work and couldn't wait to take a peek at the yarn but knew I'd want to post this nice wrapping. So I ripped a little hole in the back of the tissue so I could feel my yarn before I could take a photo. ;-)
Now, an explanation of the Loopy Groupie program. Sheri includes a free gifty item with your first five orders from the store, and then with the sixth order you are officially a Loopy Groupie and you get more goodies with that order. More info on the program here. My Groupie gift for my first order was a nice little set of needle inventory cards fastened together with a heart fastener.
Thoughtful, huh? And the Loopy Groupie program makes me want to keep ordering! (Psst, especially if they can find more no-wool sock yarns to carry!) :-)


Anonymous said...

Loopy Ewe has Panda Cotton!! It comes in some fabuous colors too. Strawberries n limes is a favorite of mine. You might want to look....

Fall into Autumn Pal

alissa said...

Thanks! I hadn't noticed it! I have one color of Panda Cotton, I haven't tried it yet though. I really want Strawberries n limes - I saw that knitted up at an LYS once.

Dr. Purl said...

Very Pretty yarn! Those are some cool gifts they send, I will have to remember that next time I need more sock yarn.


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