Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tiny sock!

I have turned the heel on the first of the "George" colored pair, but then I felt like something a little different. Like a tiny sock! I am in love with it and am thinking about starting another one. I'm thinking of making a tiny pair for my sister who keeps trying to get me to make her socks. ;-) And Christmas presents... Oh and somebody suggested giving one as an "IOU" for a sock gift - that way the recipient can pick the color and you can check their size. Anyway, here's my first tiny sock! Made from leftover Fixation in "Koi": Pattern here
updated to add the sock measurements: almost 2 1/2" high from cuff to heel, leg is 1" across, foot is 2"
Oh, and I had my first Sock Club meeting the other night. It was great! Everybody is nice, the leader/shop owner is great. She showed me how to fix the dropped stitch at the way top of my George sock that I didn't notice until the heel (eye roll) and next week she will be demo-ing different heel methods to the group.

Made by Lena