Friday, July 20, 2007

Damn you, George!

"George" sock #1 is done, finally. Well, I shouldn't be blaming George - he's just the yarn color. ;-) It isn't his fault that I tried a different pattern with more stitches and it took too long for no-patience-me. But, it didn't quite turn out as I planned. The pattern was only supposed to be at a tighter gauge than the other Fixation sock I made. It did come out at a much tighter gauge but the result was that it was pretty thick (definitely a winter sock) and a little bit too big. For my foot that is. Then I got the idea to see if it would fit my husband's giant foot by any chance. And it did! He proclaimed it a perfect fit, "very comfortable" and said he wanted them. So I guess he will be getting socks sooner than I planned. Luckily I made this in a man friendly color so it all worked out.
Cascade Fixation 9891 "George" Pattern: Two-Toed Sock (without the color changes)

In other knitting news, I have started a Ballband Dishcloth - made famous by Mason-Dixon Knitting but also available inside the band of Peaches & Cream cotton and on their website. I really like the way it is turning out so far although it seems a little big for a dishcloth. (I have gauge but it is still bigger than the pattern says it should be. huh.)
Annnnnd, one more thing. My great-grandmother's darning egg! My mom had it and passed it on to me when I started making socks. I had seen it around the house (in an antique wooden bowl with some yarn bobbins) but I never knew what it was for until my sock class. My mom knows my great-grandmother (her father's mother) knitted but she's not sure if she made socks or if she used this for darning store bought socks. I used it today for weaving up George!

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Laura said...

"George" is a beautiful sock and I think it's charming to name your footwear. I also used the sock thing during a back-to-the-earth time period in the 70's to darn socks...the idea didn't last too long.


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