Saturday, July 28, 2007

Banana Pancakes

These were quicky cheater pancakes. I had two bananas that were in an emergency need of being used so I just added them to a small batch of pancakes from mix (1 cup of mix size batch). When I looked at Banana Pancake recipes they were talking about slicing the bananas and putting them on the pancakes as they cook (like blueberries). I wanted the banana to be integrated into the pancake (plus mine were too soft for slicing). So I just made up the mix and stirred in the mashed banana. Then I added a little extra water until the consistency looked good (the banana thickened it up). They turned out nice and banana-y - like a nice banana bread flavor.

Oh, I was going to use my grandma-in-law's trick for great pancakes - she uses an all in one pancake mix where you are only supposed to add water but adds the egg and oil that it calls for waffles. Basically she makes waffle pancakes, whatever you call them they are great. But anyway, I was out of eggs. But consider that when you are making pancakes from a mix.

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