Friday, June 27, 2008

Movie Month!

Last night we went to a free preview showing of Hancock. It was the busiest free preview I've ever seen! Usually not everyone gets in, but this time there were hundreds of people who didn't get in, and it was even in a really, really big theater. It also had the tightest security - we had to turn in our cell phones until the end of the movie, and the "movie secret service" (guys in suits with ear pieces! if that isn't the movie secret service...) had metal detector wands. Well, for some people - coworkers were wanded but we were not - apparently we didn't look sketchy enough. :-P Hancock was great, highly recommended. Funny, and it even had a twist that they shockingly didn't give away in the previews.

Last week we went to see The Happening (birthday month request!). We both like Shyamalan's movies usually and the preview we saw in the theater looked good. My opinion of the movie can be boiled down to: "meh" This review basically sums up all the same problems I had with the movie too. Plus the fact that I normally think Mark Wahlberg can act (come on, The Departed!) but oh no, not in this movie. Not one bit.

That same night we also saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Now that was more like it! Considering I hadn't even seen the first three until we watched them on dvd in preparation for the new one, I was a huge fan of this movie! Funny at times, just the right amount of cheese, and Shia LaBeouf!

Here's an update on the socks!
Related to movie month since I got almost an hour of work in on it while waiting for Hancock to start. These have been just waiting around etc. socks so they are slow moving. Stupidly really, since I'll be lucky if I'm done with these summer socks by winter. oops.

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