Thursday, June 12, 2008

Birthday Month Update Part 1

On my birthday lunch was the ill fated Red Robin trip, then Kung Fu Panda (good - I ♥ Jack Black). Then for dinner my sister and brother-in-law took me out to dinner at an Albany restaurant I hadn't been to before - Justin's. It was very good and I'll be going back to have Trevor try it (he was at a rehearsal dinner). We shared the fruit and cheese platter (which was huge) and I had the corn fritters and chop chop salad (minus the bacon and substituting buttermilk herb dressing for the horseradish) - the salad was omg! good. I'll get that again next time probably.

After dinner we went home for Black Forest birthday cake and... Jeni's! If you don't know Jeni's, you should. It is the *best*, crazy exotic flavored thing you'll ever try. Granted, the best way to get it is to be going to Columbus, Ohio because it is pricey to have ice cream mailed to you... but oh it's worth it. It may become an annual tradition.

You are looking at: Salty Caramel (two of those because it's my favorite), Cherry Lambic (does have a beer after taste but not too much for this beer hater), Goat Cheese with Red Cherry Compote (I'm the only one who likes this one so I'll be eating it all, ha.), Strawberry Buttermilk (the yummiest strawberry ice cream ever), Dark Chocolate Gelato (wonderful. Super dark and delicious)

Saturday we were at a wedding and then Sunday... was a surprise that made up for it! Coming soon!

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DJ said...

I still can't believe you like goat cheese or as I like to call it "foot cheese", let alone goat cheese ice cream! :-P


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