Monday, June 2, 2008

Birthday Month!

My 30th birthday is this Friday. Due to some circumstances outside my control we'll be spending a good portion of my birthday weekend doing something else. So it was decided that I would jump right past a birthday weekend or week (which apparently many people celebrate including my friend Food/Crafts/Books Girl) and go for the birthday month. This year, my birthday is the Month of June, people. :-)

Then, as if a month isn't long enough my birthday party was this past Saturday, which was actually still May. ;-) Being my 30th, it was a bigger-deal party than usual, including people from work and wonderful friends who came all the way from Brooklyn to stay the weekend. As was fitting for someone born in 1978, the theme was a 70s Dinner Party kind of thing. I didn't get many pictures, but this was my cake (carrot)

and this, was my leisure suit-Elton John glasses wearing husband
and here he is again in a close-up with a can of TaB
A friend has requested that he wear it again to her wedding in October so this thing has not seen its last days yet.

So that was the first thing of the Birthday Month, the party (which was great fun). Another part of this will be an attempt to get as much free birthday stuff as possible. I'll be posting a list of the birthday clubs I signed up for and what I receive, as well as a link to the website I got them from so you can try to find others in your areas that I don't have in my neck of the woods.

I'm also compiling a list of things I want to do for the rest of the month, you can see that over in the sidebar. I'll be crossing things off when I've done them and blogging them so that will explain the sometimes cryptic descriptions.

One other thing that I'll be doing for most of the birthday month, is eating marvelous chocolates!
My friend brought me these MarieBelle chocolates from NY and they are not only beautiful

but delicious (and interesting flavors)! I'm eating one a day and so far I've tried Soba Cha and pineapple.

In other news - knitting wise, I'm working on the bunny ear hat.

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Macoco said...

I hope you have a great birthday!!! I am loving that leisure suit.


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