Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Olive You!

This craft and food filled post is brought to you by Valentine's Day! I had to make something for him (not a problem), and he had to make something for me (this was unusual)! ;-)

I made him a jar of knitted olives! They are adorable! The pattern comes from here, and some other ideas if you don't want to do a jar (taken from ravelry projects): Put a pin backing on it for a pin, or put it on a pin or something else with some curly wire etc. made to look like fuccilli pasta (Olive Fuccilli = I love you, silly!)
Sorry the picture is a bit dark but I was avoiding a glare off the jar and the label (which is metallic)
Here they are again without the jar, this is pre-felting but there isn't a huge difference. They just tighten up a bit with the felting.

He made me yarnlibrarian tshirts! A pink one and a green one, with a graffiti style font.

a heart shaped apple pie (that's a pie bird in the middle), which was scrumptious by the way, he's now the official apple pie baker whether he likes it or not
and valentine sugar cookies!
Yummy! I wish I had some more of that pie right now. And I wish I was making a few more olives, but on to a new project for now...

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