Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A day of packages!

On Friday I had a very good mail day! I got my Defeat the Winter Doldrums Dishcloth Swap package from Georgi (Thank you!), and my prize package from winning the drawing on the swap blog.

First, the swap package:
We have here not one but two lovely pink dishcloths that Georgi knit for me (the dark pink one has a heart on it), lavendar soap, two yummy sugar n' cream yarns, a smiley card, a Godiva chocolate bar!, and the little tube is a batch of lovely stitch markers!

Here is a closeup of the two dishcloths
And here is a closeup of the lovely glass stitch markers. The best part is they are a larger size (up to a 10 needle) and the set I already have is for smaller needles. So now I'm pretty well covered. They are made by Julie Beers Designs and are called "Field of Flowers". Pretty, aren't they?

And now for my prize, here's the bag all buttoned up. This is a really great, well made little bag! For an idea of the size, it is holding three balls of sugar n' cream with a bit of room to spare. It has that great button closure and a pocket on the outside as well. I'm currently using it as a project bag for a scarf project.

And now here's the bag opened up and showing off the contents! Two balls of sugar n' cream (blue and green twist) and a yellow and white ball of peaches n' cream.
Yay! Thanks again to Anne and Holly and the entire Winter Doldrums gang especially Cindy who made the bag and donated it all to the swap.

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