Monday, February 11, 2008

Half a dashing down... and an almost done pair of baby socks

100_3697, originally uploaded by Alissao.

I have one of Trevor's Dashing gloves done and it looks really good! This went smoother than the first grey dashing I made in the fall - I'm not sure if it was just from having already made one or if it was the yarn or what. This is the Rowan Summer Tweed, the same as I did a few pairs of Fetching out of.

And, following the green theme, here is a pair of toddler socks that are about 15 minutes from being done, but they just got waylaid by other projects... (I don't need them any time soon anyway).

Cable socks are so cute, I have to make myself some sometime. These won't be finished for the next month at least though since I stuck them into a display case! ;-) I put up a knitting display at work to advertise for the knitting group I'm starting at one of our branches and these cuties are in the display. (display photos coming, I just keep forgetting the camera)

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Dorothy said...

I love the color of the Dashing!


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