Sunday, December 16, 2007

Super quick list update

then back to the knitting. Photos and descriptions as soon as I'm done with everything.

This was the list I posted November 24th:

2 skully dishcloths
1 cat dishcloth
2 pairs of Fetching - working on the 2nd of one pair, the other not started
5 various Nascar related dishcloths - 1
1.25 socks (the remainder of a pair) - almost to the toe on the 1st sock
1 pair toddler socks - ok I lied, they aren't done. But I'm to the toe on the 2nd and they are tiny so I'll be done right away.
up to 10 mini socks, a minimum of 4 - 3
3 or more scrubby washcloths - 1 (all I'm going to do)
2 plainer dishcloths (on needles)
DW dishcloth (on needles) - worked on a little
1.5 pairs Dashing (3 gloves) - one pair I "gave" Trevor for our anniversary (the yarn) and told him they'll be made after Christmas. So the deadline is off that one.

Items in bold are done. Items in italics have had some work completed since the last post. BWAHAHAHAHa. Yeah. Some items aren't needed until January 1st though so I have a smidge more time.

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