Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Knitterly Gifts

I'm back! I got all of my Christmas knitting done except for a pair of socks (well, I cut a few things off the list. But I got everything that I decided I needed to do done). I got one sock done but then had to use a tiny sock stand-in for the other one. I'm knitting the second one right now. Then I'm going to sneak in the second of my pair of fetching so I can wear them at work when it is cold. After that I have to knit a belated pair of dashing for Trevor's anniversary present. Then I can knit something for myself. Oh crap, no, then I have to knit the 2nd sock of a pair for a January birthday. Then I can knit for myself. sigh. Maybe by February? The first thing I'm going to knit myself is a booga bag using this gorgeous alpaca I ordered on sale from Webs (Classic Elite Inca Print #4627 - I hope it retains the gorgeous colors when it is felted)*. I'm going to use the leather straps I got at Rhinebeck instead of the i-cord handle. Then I'll make myself a pair of socks.

Anyway, back on topic. I'll be catching up on FO photos soon, but for now I have a bunch of wonderful knitterly Christmas gifts that I received. It was the year of the knitting related present for me. (wonderful, eh?) First, the books:

I got Mason-Dixon Knitting and Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks from my in laws and I got Knit Socks! and Casts Off from my parents. I've had Mason-Dixon from the library a few times and haven't had time to make anything from it so it went on the wish list. I haven't knit any Nancy Bush patterns yet but I've been told that she's a real sock guru. Knit Socks! was recommended by somebody (I forget who) and of course I want to add another Yarn Harlot to my collection...

Then the needles:
I got a set of Harmony wood DPNs, and two sizes of Harmony wood tips with 3 cables all from my parents. This photo is crappy, if you aren't familiar with how beautiful they are take a look. I haven't used them yet of course but I love them already.

I got a skein of Sockina Cotton in a different color than the one I have in my stash, from my parents.
I got a knitting pirate style shirt from Trevor,
Lovely wooden sock blockers from my parents and the best Sock Monkey sock project bag ever from Trevor. I am in love with this project bag. It is handmade and just gorgeous. Hop right over to YarnTraveler to order one from her. She's also one of the masterminds behind Knit Map and you should check that out too if you haven't already.
Also, my mom has become a sock blocker lover and she doesn't even knit! She said she ordered herself a plastic pair to use to dry her handwash only socks on (ones I make her and ones she bought at Rhinebeck). Here's a closeup of the cute sheep cutout on my wooden blockers:

And, a bunch of other nifty stuff (all from my parents):

At the top we have some plastic pouches for the cables and tips, and some needle id tags for the options needles. Then we have a needle sizer and the little doodads that hold a pair of needles together, and a row counting bracelet. Great stuff, huh?

* I haven't gotten it photographed yet, but it is super beautiful. I got it in a few colors since it was so cheap. At least one will be for a gift, the rest might be for me.

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