Sunday, September 14, 2008

A long finished project

that I can finally show! I made the Child's Placket Neck Sweater from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts but it's also available for free online. This little gem is for my brand new baby nephew, Zach.

I loved this pattern so I think I'll make it again for other babies. (although, I forgot to look for errata and discovered when I was almost done that there was an error in the pattern. I threw in some random decreases in inappropriate yet invisible places to bring it back in line. Here's a close up of the placket neck with the wooden bead buttons.

And here's my brother modeling it on little Zach (currently one month old). He can't actually wear it yet since I made it big to (hopefully) fit him come sweater weather (it was 84 degrees today). I made the six to twelve month size and he's a big baby so hopefully this will be spot on come cold weather.

And here's a bonus of Zach trying on the Rainbow Marley hat I made him (also big for later)

(cheese part 2 coming up next)


Wendy said...

What an adorable little sweater for an adorable little guy!

alissa said...

Thanks! I like them both. ;-)

DJ said...

I want one! (sweater I mean)

JMJ said...

ohmygoodness! He looks so adorable! What a fabulous sweater and that hat is rockin'!

Kyle and Amy said...

You should repost this with a pic of him in it! He looked soooo cute!


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