Thursday, April 24, 2008

Slogging along...

Geez, I didn't think it had been this long! I've just been working on the same socks the whole time so there hasn't really been much to report on. I have one sock and half a leg done my pink and brown broadripples
Here's the first one with my mary janes. I finished the first one the quickest of any sock yet, then I've been dragging my feet a bit on the second one. I do want to finish it up quick though so that I can wear them! Especially since I wear sandals all summer so sock time is drawing to a close for awhile. Also showcased in this oh-so-artistic photo would be my PJ pants with socks all over them.

The other thing I have to show you is my wee tiny sock from the wee sock swap! Slightly belated. Oh, my partner sent it lickity-split, I'm the one who is being belated. :-)

Isn't it cute? It came all the way from Germany, thanks Marcia! (not that I can read german :-P) And believe it or not, she's even been to my city before even though she lives across the world from me. Small world, indeed. Oh, the sock is made out of Opal sock yarn.

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Kat with a K said...

The Broadripples are looking great. I meant to say that on Sunday but kept forgetting.


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