Monday, April 7, 2008


For once in my life, I have a case of finishitis instead of startitis! Look over there ----> see how short that project list is? Shocking, I know.

First, Friday night I finished Trevor's Dashing gloves - his anniversary present from (cough) December. Hopefully he'll be able to wear them a few times this season before it gets hot. Let's just say after six pairs of Fetching and 1 1/2 pairs of Dashing, I don't want to make another pair of gloves for a loooong time.

I shortened them in these places:
After third cable round - work 12 rounds instead of 24
After thumb opening - work 15 rounds instead of 18

Yesterday I finished the George Socks, also for Trevor. Major SSS with these since I started the pair back in July, oops.

At that point, I was really enjoy the rush of finishing things. So I got out those green cabled toddler socks that I don't even need until god knows when and finished those too! ooh yeah.

Then I "finished" this hat. (it was already done but I never got a photo before it went into a display so I kept it as unfinished on the progress bar)

It's the Yarn Harlot's Ken's Dulaan hat in a child's size and will be going to charity the next opportunity that comes up. (Maybe they're doing a hat collection at WEBS next month? if not I'll take it to the City Mission)

That left me with only two WIP (not counting two I've moved to "hibernating" - the grey dashing that doesn't have a home to go to and the snowflake headband I'm not ready for) - two dishcloths!

So then I let myself cast on a new project. This is Broadripple in Elann Esprit.

This is the yarn that has all the same makeup as Cascade Fixation and seems to be exactly the same. Except it comes in different colors and is cheaper (except for the shipping from Canada thing since they don't sell it locally). I got three balls in this color 9055 and two balls of a blue and brown colorway from people destashing on Ravelry. I got a really good deal so it was a good way to try it out. I love pink and I love pink and brown so I had to have this color. I am a smidge eh about the grey that's in there but doesn't show much in the photo (if it was white it would be Neapolitan ice cream!), but over all I love the way it is working up.

This will be my portable project and I'll also be starting one of the Baby Surprise Jackets too, but I have to get all the yarn wound first.


Macoco said...

I love the dashing - although Trevor does look a little menacing with his fists up like that! ;)

alissa said...

That's his "metal" pose, I believe. ;-)

Kat with a K said...

Wow! I need to channel your finishitis.


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