Thursday, April 30, 2009

Knit Night!

In an attempt to meet new people in the area, I have been attending and hosting some events through Meetup. This is a lot of work and kinda scary but seems to be working. Tonight I hosted the first knit night at my house. A girl I'd already met came, and a couple of new people. It was loads of fun! We knit, I taught one new knitter how to start her first dishcloth, we ate cakey things and lemonade, and the two ravelry users proselytized it to the other two. Definitely worth cleaning house for. ;-)

Also, if you are reading this, and I know you, and you live near me - wanna come to knit night? The next one is May 14th and if you email me I'll tell you where I live...

More actual content coming soon... I have knitting and baking to share, I've just been mobbed with life and the above mentioned things.


Laura said...

I've heard about Meetup. Sounds like an interesting way to meet people that are interested in the same things as you.

JMJ said...

I'm glad you decided to organize this! I think you will enjoy it :)


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